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Fighting the big C (and I don't mean a centaur)

May 9, 2010
Posted at 8:37 pm

I have received a lot of e-mails wondering why I'm not posting any more updates to my stories and why I'm not answering any e-mail. The answer is that I have been busy battling cancer.

Things have been looking pretty grim and there was a time when I was browsing the internet for deals on gravestones, but right now it looks like I might the big C on it's knees. If I get better I definitely will continue writing since I want to see these stories at least as much as some of you readers. Tried writing stuff a while back, but it turned out way to dark and sinister to be posted. Think things will be better this time around.

Won't be going through my e-mail though. To much back log and to much junk. Will just delete everything from the last year. If you sent anything important, like your credit card information or an offer to become a professional author (model? actor?) please resend.

Oh, and I also saw that Bobster reviewed one of my stories. I'm happy that he took the time to do so and I am very happy to see that he liked it and found it.... interesting. Apparently he couldn't find another word to describe the story, but he said some other nice things about me as an author.

If anyone else wants to review my stories please do. I thrive on feedback. Good or Bad.