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March 13, 2010
Posted at 2:36 am

Late One Night

Everyone has the perfect drinking buddy. Well I'm no exception, but I think I've been mistaking where our friendship is leading. After a heavy night at my favorite hangout things got really good, I complianed about my ex boyfriend and got all the sympathy and understanding a bottle of vodka has to give.

I was feeling a lot better by the time I noticed my best buddy was a guy. Let me explain, my drinking buddy is a boy that I've grown up with since before I could walk, meaning I've never really seen him as more than a member of the family. Well thanks to a few to many well deserved drinks I could see it perfectly.

He is definetly male and absolutely gorgeous. He had to drag me back to his place (common on a drinking night) and through me on his couch like everyother time. Except this time I decided I really like him, he's always been there for me, we have known eachother forever, and I am angry at my boyfriend. We both ended up on the couch, now I can honestly say I have no idea if it was good sex. I was way to far gone, but I know the next morning was and afternoon.

This was last weekend and tonight I am sitting in my bed alone after an encore. I'm feeling pretty damn good.

I believe I owe Wayne G. a big thank you because he was absolutely right.