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Good News, "Beaver" is Complete!

March 4, 2010
Posted at 12:26 am

Well, that allows me to move on and catch up with several of my other stories that I haven't updated in a while. Lately, just when I think that I am about to write some more, something in RL happens to delay me, for which I apologize. I certainly haven't planned to go this long between chapters.

On another note, now that my "Valentin's Day" universe is officially alternate history, I find myself motivated once more to work on it when possible, though not at the expense of the others. I may even incorporate some events from real history, prior to the POD. Some prominent political figures, such as President Obama and Governor Palin, might get a brief mention. Given my Libertarian leanings, however, don't be too shocked if the references are a bit negative in tone.