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February 26, 2010
Posted at 12:11 am

thoughts on research/realism/plausibility

Next chapter coming (fairly) soon. I've given up on trying to footnote the next chapter, but will post links to some articles I read about hormonal cycles and the effects on this blog. Look for the next chapter a couple of days after I post those. I frankly have an ego and want to write a really good story, not just a sex story. So I'm doing research, which is one reason why this next chapter is taking awhile longer. A couple of sex scenes are done, but I want to get the details (mostly) right.

Why just mostly? I think there's a continuum in trying to create believable science fiction. Let's call it the "Back-to-the-Future...Armageddon...Jurassic Park" continuum. Back-to-the-Future was fun, but not a lot of realism- no one could really believe that a "flux capacitor" could do that. Michael Crichton went to GREAT lengths to make his novels and movies believable, as fantastic as the concepts were. I'm shooting for the middle ground. I'm not saying it's possible, but instead giving just enough facts to suspend disbelief and take it from impossible to plausible.

Remember the super space shuttles in Armageddon? They were covered in titanium plating. Most people know that a failed O-ring could destroy the regular space shuttle (or well after the movie came out, even some damage to heat tiles.) How were fragile space shuttle going to navigate through the comet's tail and the debris? Titanium plating. Sure, in reality titanium plating would mean that they were far to heavy to get off the ground, but most people probably wouldn't know that. This little detail was added to make it plausible.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot is not exactly science fiction. Still, I've received comments about the magnetism of needles, the sciatic nerve, MRI's, etc... I'm not shooting for Michael Crichton level scientific fact, just enough to make it plausible. So I ran the shot-giving by a nurse, and am looking at Belize for this chapter. I had to think of a reason to discredit MR images so there's a need for the really cool (and sexy) 3D image machine that will be used later in the story - so needles not working in an MRI = my titanium-plated super space shuttle.

p.s. someone commented on the spanking in chapter 2 and asked if I would write one that was predominantly spanking/sex without the medical stuff. Short answer: Yes. I have one in the pipeline (shorter story) and am waiting to see if I can get it on another site that isn't free. If not, I'll post it here soon.