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New Story

January 15, 2010
Posted at 6:01 pm

MY sincere thanks to everyone who is giving me encouragment as I make my way through school toward my goal. I finished the first semester of Anatomy and Physiology with an 86%. Second semester starts soon. During the break I took the time to get reaquainted with the art of writing. I stepped back into the world of the Cognate and wrote a short story about the education of Ken and Meghan as they learn the ins and outs of their new world. For those who have read "A Correct Destiny", I think you'll enjoy the story (assuming you liked the original story). For those who haven't read "A Correct Destiny", I wrote the story so you can still enjoy it. I really like writing about this world and Ken and Meghan might just be my go-to characters for semester breaks. In three days I start back into the hectic life of college student and full-time paramedic. Wish me good luck.