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November 29, 2009
Posted at 2:12 pm

Re-write for Victor Brandt

First I want to apologize for not responding to the folks who wrote me when I posted the last chapter, if I remember right I had a cold and only posted so soon to cheer myself up and kinda just slept for the rest of the week, by the time I was in the mood to respond it had been so long it didn't seem appropriate to write back (kind of like grave digging a thread in a forum, you know?). Again I apologize, I usually love to read and respond to readers and I hope no one felt put off.

Now down to business. In my neurosis I have decided, that though I'm a damn fine writer if I do say so myself, Victor Brandt could be so much better if I re-wrote it and put a whole lot more meat into it. So I will do exactly that, I will be adding more characters, some side story type things, and just generally trying to improve upon what little I've written here so far. I feel that most of my mistakes are to be put down to inexperience at writing, so I hope my writing gets better once I've got some under my belt. I've also decided to go ahead try to keep the re-write under wraps until I have a nice big chunk of it finished; at least 100k, but don't quote me on that.

A lot of the re-write will be devoted to expanding the viewpoints. I think that what I have now is so horribly flat because I only really follow around Victor. After considering the work from my favorite authors, I know that this was a huge mistake and didn't provide nearly enough content to get a good taste of my universe.

Also, of course the expanded viewpoints will allow me to indulge the inner spanko/pervert by getting some of the new characters into more frequent mischief and sexual situations. Aimee is too much of an ultra-dutiful character to get into a lot of mischief, and Carla is similar, though I would describe her more as ultra-professional and workaholic; I considered doing something with Carla and Inez, but I felt that it would be a big non sequitur, because I hadn't done anything like it yet and I was a little bit far into the story. I will try to keep a balance between story and sex though, so you need not fear.

Aside from those changes, there are some parts of the plot so far that I thought were mistakes, and that some readers also thought could be better. So don't be surprised if the re-write goes in a different direction or takes longer to get to the same places.

Last, I know I'm a terribly slow writer, but I'll at least try not to take too long.

P.S. What I find most amusing about this is that no one will read this until just after I post the re-write. :P

P.P.S. Wow I just read over this and my spelling and such has gotten horrible.