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The Negative Seduction

November 22, 2009
Posted at 12:38 pm

I've posted my first story and I am humbled by the awesome reviews. Many asked if this was really my first story, and the answer is a resounding yes. In my past I've written sports articles and political opinion pieces, but that's the extent of my writing experience.

I've been reading the stories here for years and I am in awe of many of the writers talent and imagination. Not just for their quality of work, but their volume as well. I doubt I will never be able to produce that quantity of writing, but I will do my utmost to keep up the quality.

I am working on part II of my tale, but it will be slow going as I cannot give it the time it deserves at this point. Like a lot of you, this economy has kicked my butt and is keeping me focused elsewhere. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback and the inspiration it's given me.