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Reaction to "The Rape."

September 26, 2009
Posted at 9:38 pm

Wow, a lot of people really really hate it. I deliberately set it up so that Charlie could be taken different ways. Wimp, hero, terrible racist. The story itself is so racist I wondered if the site would publish it. Did Wendy give in because she wanted to stay alive, because she hated Charlies's wimp attitude, because she really liked it? All three? Coming up with the Lobotomy and the denutter was fun. How to run a small county in Louisiana.

I didn't continue my story "Essence," because I was happy with where it ended. "Hooked on sperm" stopped because I could not figure out a story line. I want to go SF with it, but haven't come up with the plot yet.

I have another "Mother/Son" story in process, and one based on the true story of the "Field Whores for the Africa Corps."