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Absents Explained

July 20, 2009
Posted at 8:08 am

I would like to offer an explanation and apologize for dropping out of sight for a while. Starting in December my mother was rushed to the hospital in critical condition not expecting to live out the hour. She finally died March 6 of this year. In between I developed some health issues which led to my early retirement at the end of May but wasn't finalized until the end of June.

From the time of my mother's death until now my family has taken some major hits. One Aunt had a major stroke and is making a good recovery at this point. Her sister who was also married to my other uncle was not so lucky and died in May from a stroke. This was followed by my oldest cousin by four years having a heart attack and died in June while out riding his bike.

I am currently trying to fix up my mother's house for sale and attending physical therapy three times a week to building up my strength. I hope to find the motivation to start writing again shortly. For now I will post the last three chapters of headache.