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The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

July 13, 2009
Posted at 7:15 am

Once upon a time, there was a man named James Quinn. He was born from Scotch-Irish immigrants in New York and grew up a poor, modest genius in Manhattan. He tried his hand at college with a full scholarship but lack of motivation caused him to drop out and enlist in the Navy for four years of service. Friendships and career paths led him to the DC area where he received two B.S.' and a M.S. from American University. Meanwhile, he married Connie and built an eclectic family with his children Michael, Meghan and Meredith. He raised his family in Virginia as an avid reader, historian and Redskins fan. At the age of 72, an unwaivering creative streak led him to join two writers groups and this website, Stories Online, to share his many ideas with an audience.

Then one day, in March 2009 he suddenly couldn't breathe due to Atrial Fibrillation. Doctors said his heart was healthy for his age but conducted more tests trying to discover the underlying factors of fluid build-up in his lungs. On April 12th 2009, the doctors attempted cardiac catheterization through his femoral artery. Results came back negative for any problem areas. The following day, they attempted electrical cardioversion to cure a minor irregularity in his heartbeat which was successful! He never felt better; called his wife with the news and updates on how lively and refreshed he felt.

Later that night, his new, stronger heartbeat forced a high-volume blood flow through the puncture in his femoral artery, fresh from only the day prior. He bled out into his own thigh overnight. The next morning doctors attempted surgery to patch the arterial hole but his body was in massive shock from the bleed. His kidneys shut down despite dialysis treatments and soon his liver followed. By Thursday, April 16th, Meghan flew in from Oregon to join Meredith, who had been by his side since Monday and the two daughters were forced to say goodbye to their Dad that night.

Since that day there has been a huge void in his family's lives as he was the glue that held their foundation together. His love, wit, creativity and general wealth of knowledge was unprecedented.

James F Quinn 6/4/36-4/16/2009

-Mere Darling