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Attempt #3

July 3, 2009
Posted at 10:33 pm

I know how frustrating it is when I read a story that I really enjoy, only to keep waiting for it to be completed, or added to. I really do. The two stories I've started seemed so promising, but for one reason or another just fizzled out.

This story, "Prime Directive," feels different to me. I was an avid Trekkie, having owned most of the ST:TNG books, as well as many of the ST:TNG novels. I am also a huge fan of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis (boo to those who played a part in canceling the series). I know most episodes from both series like the back of my hand, and am fairly versed in Star Trek canon.

That being said, this is my story, and as such, I feel entitled to some liberties as it pertains to the story line. More will become evident as the story continues, but the general idea is that this is an alternate dimension, where certain things may or may not resemble what we've seen on TV, or read in the books. I won't take extreme liberties with the storyline, as that would destroy the whole premise of what I am attempting to do.

I will, however, change things around a bit...but hopefully keep it consistent within my own story. For example, I don't particularly find Colonel Mitchell a strong character, so I brought back O'Neil. As a General though, I would be limited to what I could do, but bringing him back as a Colonel allows me more freedom with what I can write, even though the timeline at which the story I am writing takes place, he was already a General, Mitchell was leader of SG-1, and so on and so forth.

I hope you find my story an entertaining read, as it takes a different spin on two of my favorite sci-fi shows. Hopefully, I can see this through to the end. If you're one of the impatient ones, you may want to wait to see if it gets completed before you continue on, as historically I've not been very good at maintaining my stories. Just trying to be honest here.