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July 2, 2009
Posted at 2:04 pm

Shakes Peer2C's 'coming out'

I created this pen name for Shakes Peer2B's alter ego. The people in these stories are likely to be more extreme and often not as nice as the characters in 2B's stories. There will also be more MM action here, as well as other things that 2B's readers don't like very well.

If, however, you're into the darker side of the human experience, you might find something here to like. Likewise, if you don't mind letting your mind roam freely into forbidden territory.

I intend for 2C's stories to appeal to a different audience than 2B's, but if there's some overlap, I won't be disappointed.

Two things: Don't blow past the codes then criticize me for putting the stuff that the codes warned you about in the story, and always remember to provide constructive criticism.

I don't mind compliments - I have an ego, like everyone else, but I adore constructive criticism, and hate mindless rants.

If I choose to express a political or moral opinion in a story, you are free to disagree, but I don't care to hear about it. If you want your opinion known, write your own stories. Giving my story a bad score because you disagree with my opinions only gives me a negative opinion of you. It will not stop me from expressing myself as I see fit, nor will it change my mind or anyone else's.