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Allison and the Primdales

June 24, 2009
Posted at 8:31 pm

My latest story, Allison and the Primdales, is sort of my Magnum Opus, at least in my short career as a writer of erotica. It's by far the longest thing I've ever written (over 600,000 words), and that's not likely to change unless I suddenly develop a chronic case of ambition.

My original intention was to write a series of short stories involving pretty much all of my sexual fantasies projected onto a common set of characters with an underlying plot to tie it all together. Since incest is by far my favorite fetish, the obvious choice was to make these characters part of a single family.

I had one drawback: Mother-son incest does not appeal to me. So I came up with a creative solution. I would use a stepmother instead. In coming up with the physical description and personality of the stepmother, I realized that there was an important story to be told in how she met her husband, so I needed to backtrack the beginning of the story to their first meeting, a couple of years before the "real" events take place. All of Part 1 is, in essence, a kind of prologue to the remainder of the tale.

With this new expanded vision for the story, it got out of control and ended up a lot longer than I expected. Somehow out of this monster, I managed to put together a cohesive plot and interesting characters. I'm quite pround of the result, although frankly, if I had known ahead of time how long it would end up, I never would have started it.

The tone is mostly lighthearted even when dealing with mature subject matter; this is a feel-good story about forbidden sexual relationships. There's plenty of sex to keep you happy, but if you're familiar with my other works, you'll know that I like to make the other parts even more interesting than the sex scenes themselves.

This is no exception. You'll enjoy Allison and the Primdales more if you don't rush through the narrative trying to get to the "good" parts. Think of it as a luxury cruise rather than a non-stop flight. The journey is just as entertaining as the destination.