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New Story

May 2, 2009
Posted at 5:23 pm

This story is coming out of me rather fast. I can guarantee I will do some editing of this in the future. Right now, the story has to come out. I don't know of any other way to explain it. So You might notice some skipping around on the story. Here and there.. present and past then futher past, them presest. This is more like a work in progress that I am sharing. So bear with me in this process. The chapters seem small now, because that is the base story. When I go in once it is done, I will be able to flesh it out even more. Now, if you would like I can save it up, but I honestly find your comments to help my creative juices flow. Updates will be sporadic, as I do have a fairly busy normal life. But I will try for at least one every three days.

That being said. There is another chapter out. I hope you enjoy it and at least feel you haven't wasted any of your life by reading it(like I felt when I watched showgirls.. even with the sound off the overacting even made the boobies not worth it. I had to stop at the scene in the pool. It still makes me shiver.)