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Its been a while....

April 11, 2009
Posted at 1:50 am

as the title so aptly says it has been a while so lets get down to the facts...

1. a new bots 2 chapter is in progress with an eta of roughly monday night at the latest.

2. things have finally cleared up so updates for bots 2 should be more frequent.

3. on the boaa front, i have most of the next chapter done, however it has been a while since i looked at it, so i may not be satisfied with it at this point and may rewrite a portion if not the whole thing. But I hope to get back to it as well.

4. Roswell, is most definately on hold for the forseable future until i either complete bots 2 or the entire bots trilogy. No sure which its going to be.

Well thats it for news on my front, again check for bots 2 ch IV no later than this coming monday night. maybe sooner...maybe...