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An experiment.

April 9, 2009
Posted at 9:13 pm

While most of the feedback I got from The Gamer's Girlfriend was unequivocally positive, I did get a few complaints. Most of them can be summed up thusly: This needs more sex! I was somehow unsurprised. ;-)

But, in the name of expanding my horizons, I decided to attempt a story that was nothing BUT sex. It was going to be a short story, since I can't sustain plotless writing for long. And I was going to write it in present tense, just for kicks.

So I wrote Thinking of You. As I was re-reading it for editing, I realized that even trying to do just a straight-up stroke story I still had a plot. Admittedly a very small, vague plot... but it was still a plot.

Sneaky bastards, those plotlines.

Anyway, let me know what you think!