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April 2, 2009
Posted at 11:22 pm

Inaugural Post

Good news: score trending upwards!
Bad news: still terrible!

That's fine though! Actually, hadn't really expected it to go up at all. So, I'm a little bit better than I thought, but that still leaves a great deal of room for improvement!

It's a pretty good motivator actually. My next goal: write a story that gets me more than ~20 votes, and some email hopefully. It's pretty difficult to write stuff you'll like more if you don't tell me what you want. But I'll only try harder!

Yeah, I know, the score shouldn't matter so much to me. Therefore: on to bigger and better things!

So, we're moving into spring and the weather's getting warmer. This is getting close to the last part of the year I really enjoy- Summer is just too hot...

Maybe I should use this account to publish my schoolwork. That would be hilarious- scrolling down the list of stories: "Hamlet essay... Quantum mechanics paper... Hardcore porn??" I only bring this up because I should be working on an assignment right now. Of course, I'm not doing it now, but it'll work out...

Another item: Has anyone found the occasion to say "Stand Fast!" or "Hold Fast!" in a serious context?
If so, please let me know. I'm losing hope that such an opportunity will present itself to me. I will reward a response in a suitable (non-monetary) fashion.

Yet Another Item: The manacles on Wonder Woman's wrists... despite the fact that they aren't chained together, I still think they represent the more servile aspect of Wonder Woman, as if to assure male readers that she's not some kind of feminist. Actual feminists, am I right? Or wrong?

Final Item: Hockey playoffs are coming up. Everyone ought to watch/buy tickets to local games! Really, it would depress me to see the league have to drop smaller market teams or enact more "reforms" to make the game more "interesting."

Have a good weekend, etc, etc.
I'm a misanthrope, I don't really care.