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Long Time No Hear!!!!!

March 29, 2009
Posted at 8:58 pm

Hey guys and gals,
thanks for hanging in there. this is your ol' pal Kenney J here. sorry i've been kept busy but sometimes life throws things at you you'll never understand nor fathom. well life sent me three beautiful kids who took up 120% of my time. a new job that wanted as much. not to mention a divorce that smacked me in the face so hard I'm still seeing stars. and to top it all off i now have been diagnosed with cancer. talk about the laugh i got when i told my cheating wife i'd be dieing soon and she could have saved herself the embarassment of her friends and family finding out there. man, just plain bob should write my story. lol! anyway, i got a lot more free time now and am getting things reorganized to start writing in full force. to be honest i don't know how bad it is or how long i got but you'll get the best i can give you with the time i have left. other than that people like i always say happy reading and happy writing. hope to hear from you guys soon and hope you guys hear from me sooner.

thanks always
Kenney Jones