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Sin City Glossary

March 27, 2009
Posted at 10:08 pm

Over the past week, I've got several comments from readers. Thank you for your warm welcome! And quite a few of them requested a glossary of Indian terminology. So here it is.

I've created a glossary for all the Hindi/ Marathi words that I think I've used as of now. Plus, all sorts of India-specific references have been explained too.

If you spot some word that isnt in the glossary, just mail me and I'll add it here. As you can see, I've done it chapter by chapter, so that you can refer it easily. And yes, I shall update the glossary as I keep on uploading more chapters [and trust me, there's lots more :-)]. Good reading, people!


Sensex- Bombay's stock exchange
too seedha-saadha for today's chaloo times- too decent [straightlaced] for today's seedy times
Kajol/ Manisha/ Karishma - popular Indian actresses of the 90s


bai- old woman


India Today Plus- a weekly magazine
Mahindra & Mahindra- an Indian company
"Aaj zaroorat nahi padegi"- "I wont be needing your services today"
seth- businessman
Prem Mehta - a famous millionaire
World Cup- the Cricket World Cup of 1999, which was held in England.


Dev Anand - the evergreen romantic hero of Bollywood


'bade-baap-ka-bigda-hua-aulad' - 'spoilt brat with a rich father'
FIR- First Information Report
This was Bambai, meri jaan. - This was Bombay, my dear.
aamchi Mumbai - our Bombay [Marathi slang]


"Khul Jaa Sin Sin!" - "Open Sesame!"


bhaiya - brother
beedi - a poor man's cigarette
"Yeh koi naya phillum talkies hai, saab?" - "Is this some new movie theatre, sir?"
"Hotel jaisa hai, yaha party-vagaira hote hai." - "It's like a restaurant, they have parties here."


"Aye, heroine lagti hai!" - "Dude, she looks like a heroine!"
saree - traditional Indian dress for women
"Jaldi chal!" - "Walk faster!"


Ganesh Pyne/ Ankita Dutt / Suhas Achrekar - renowned Indian sculptors


Aryan - the inhabitants of ancient India
Modiguard - Indian company that produces glass products


Bollywood - the Hindi film industry


Amitabh Bachchan - the superstar of Bollywood in the 70s and 80s.


Shah Rukh - the current superstar of Bollywood.
Gauri - his wife


avatar - incarnation


salaamed - saluted


maha khush - very happy


"Sawaal dus lakh ka!" - "And here's the question for 10 lakhs [1 million]!" [This is how the host says it in the Hindi version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire]