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Commune Finished

March 8, 2009
Posted at 4:47 am

I posted the end of Commune today (actually it is now yesterday). I enjoyed working on it, but understand how others might not enjoy it. I realize that the topic is a bit depressing, particularly for individuals who might be going through circumstances similar to those described within the story.

I suppose that I ought to let it be known that 2/3 of the story had been written in November as part of my attempt to do a NaNoWriMo novel. I completed the required number of words by the end of November, but I didn't get to the end of the story. I held off publishing it, but life has gotten very busy and I had to ease off on writing. Rather than disappear for six months, I chose to start putting the novel on SOL. I raced to finish it before running out of chapters to upload. I just barely made it. Real life has been kicking the daylights out of my muse of late.

Some have wondered why I haven't been posting Magic. Well, Magic has taken a minor backseat to Commune because I didn't really want three unfinished novels hanging around while I was busy working. I'll be working a bit more on Magic now that Commune is done. I can't promise much, but I might be able to get out one chapter a week.

I sometimes think that a few fans believe that I'm a retired old guy who writes to occupy a bit of my time. I wish. The fact is that I work a full-time job that occasionally turns into more than a full-time job. When you get impatient for a new chapter, just remember that I'm doing this stuff for free and as a hobby. Have patience. I still have plenty of story ideas.