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Pruple Orchid

March 1, 2009
Posted at 2:57 am

I'm thinking of writing about a story of a Thai girl from a impoverish part of Saim who had to grow up with famine surrounding her.

She was sold into white slavery.

The prelude would probably start like this...

The chilly wind blew softly at my face but I ignored it for it would make no difference to me when I'm dead. Standing precariously at the edge of the bridge, holding the metal cross beam with one hand, I scanned the Chao Phraya River flowing lazily beneath me. It had brought life to so many of my countrymen, but tonight, it would take mine away. I just want to end my misery.

Even at this late hour of the night, the traffic passing by me was still busy. I'm glad they paid no attention to me, typical of the city dwellers of Bangkok. I just want to be left alone for the moment, at peace with myself, before I jump. I don't know whether the water would be cold or warm. It wouldn't matter to me.

They said that life flashed before you just as you were about to die. As I pushed myself away from the bridge into the watery jaws of death, I was transported back to my younger days...

It would be along the same lines like "Lady GoldenFlower." Sex would be subtle.

The only problem is time and a good editor.

Any one want to help out in this project?