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Christmas Update

December 20, 2008
Posted at 7:56 am

Another festive season, terrible expense, old friends, new friends, family.... I try not to get too sentimental about it; doesn't always work though.

This entry is just to allay any fears you may have that I've disappeared. (Arrogant assumption, but I've received some e-mails asking; well, only four, but it's the thought that counts). You'll be glad, or apprehensive, or completely unmoved to know that work in progress is schlepping along, and my spring posting timetable looks more or less safe.

The post apoc story has been back-burnered. It refused to flow, and as the other two seem to be on rails, I'm concentrating on them.

That's it, I guess. Happy Holidays to everyone who's brightened my year by reading and commenting.