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Technical Difficulties

November 3, 2008
Posted at 3:48 pm

Hello, world! Just a quick note as I drag myself kicking and screaming into the twentieth century here. If anyone actually tried to send me an e-mail, and it bounced, please send it again; I inadvertently used a stale address, which has now been repaired. (Thanks in advance, and an extra thanks to those of you who voted on my story.)

A few notes about myself. Right off the bat, I'm horribly lazy, so please be patient with me. If I don't answer your mails within a day or two, it isn't because I hate you, it's because I probably haven't answered any mail in a day or two; please bear with me. I have at least two more stories "in the pipe", and they will come out in their own sweet time. The doctor calls it bipolar disorder, and I've been waiting for years for the "manic" part to kick in, to no avail.

I need to make a quick shout-out here to SOL author Lubrican, who has been writing entertaining stories here for years now and is one of the reasons I keep (ahem) coming to this excellent site. If I can be half the author he is (in quality, not volume - I'll never match his volume, nor even try), I'll be satisfied with my contribution.