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October 7, 2008
Posted at 12:22 pm


I want to say a few words about the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The term Lolita means a young girl who is sexually mature and moves to seduce much older men.

This is all well and good but I want to argue that this is not who the character in that novel was.

The story is written as first person narrative. Humbert Humbert explains the events to you. Now, think about this, if a pedophile told you that the twelve year old girl he fucked had been the one to seduce him, would you believe him?

No, of course you wouldn't. The only real question would be whether he is lying outright or if he actually believes he was seduced by a twelve year old girl.

There are huge hints in this novel to support this reading. Humbert Humbert describes Lolita's mother as being disgustingly large. Other things indicate that this woman is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. He describes her as disgustingly large simply because she is a grown woman and Humbert wants a child.

Humbert describes Lolita's actions as playing hard to get and toying with his heart. But, if you look objectively at her behavior as he describes it, she is behaving very much as you would expect a child to behave who has been kidnapped by a pedophile.

Last, but certainly not least, Humbert ultimately attempts a reconciliation with Lolita, long after all has been said and done. I think it is far from coincidental that he makes an attempt to get back into her life at a moment when she just happens to be pregnant.

Of course, however you interpret the novel is up to you. I simply want to put this interpretation out there for people who may not have read this novel and may be avoiding it because they think it will put pedophilia in a positive light.

I think that, if you read it carefully and thoughtfully, you will see that it is truly an indictment.