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Startling discovery

September 29, 2008
Posted at 8:18 am


I started to go through Path to Glory and clean up some of the obvious clunkers. In doing so, I realized something that made me stop and think:

I enjoy writing much more than I enjoy the odious job of cleaning up the text and posting it.

I have another project in mind and I started working on Coming Home again over the weekend. Then I stopped when I started to consider just how much time and energy I would have to expend to get it into anything passable for posting. It's much more time and energy than I have at this point, I can assure you that.

So I'm at somewhat of a crossroads. I have no doubt I will continue to write. It is an escape from reality for me and I truly enjoy getting lost in my stories for a little while when real life gets a bit too hectic for my laid-back manner.

But I'm not sure when I will have the desire to sit and correct flaws, re-read what the editors have sent back to me, change the original text and convert the file into something that is consistent with HTML. The writing takes no time at all. The rest ... well, lets just say it is a pain in the ass and let it go.

So, I hope to have some more work in near future. I hope my lack of desire for the tedious portions of the process will wane as I get stories finished. I hope that my desire to share my efforts with the masses will outweigh my reluctance to actually sit down and put forth the effort it requires to do so.

I will admit I was excited when I first started posting Path to Glory. I was even excited when I re-read parts of it and decided I needed to take it in a different direction than what I had already written.

But the excitement faded quickly and I think the lack of time I put forth forth for the last 10 chapters or so shows that. I apologize to those who spent hours reading the first 35 chapters and then got stuck with rough copy, missing words, misused homonyms and other grammatical mistakes because I was too f-ing busy (a nice euphemism for lazy) to go through things and clean them up the way they should have been.

Best wishes to all,