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May 12, 2008
Posted at 6:50 pm


A sharp-witted reader pointed out that my listing of ages didn't make sense. He's right, and I need to correct that.

I was born in 1940. Mom was 17. In 1949, in Port Orchard, I was 9 and Mom would have been 26. Aunt would be 20. I messed up Aunt Marilyn's age ... so the error was in her age, not mine.

I should go back and fix that.

Actually, it makes more sense that Marilyn was only 20 at the time, because it turns out she was a little more fragile and less self-assured than a boy would think. Of course, to me, she was an adult. Not conceivable that she would need anything from me, right?

I never did think of her as a "young girl" at anytime in my life. She was always "Aunt Marilyn," or Lynn, my magical lady.