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April 19, 2008
Posted at 11:22 pm

Hello Readers - I've written several stories since my last posting but didn't feel they were good enough to post; especially after posting, and then removing my last submission. As sometimes happens to all writers I sort of "lost it" and couldn't seem to get what was in my head molded into a story. I finally took a break and that seems to have cleared my head. As I've mentioned, my stories are based on non-sexual, everyday situations that I put a sexual twist on. During my hiatus I ran into some old friends that I hadn't seen for many years and also met a few new people. All this has renewed my inspiration and I'm slowly begining to write again. I just submitted my latest story and look forward to your feedback to let me know if I'm back on track. All comments are welcome but as I have stated before after getting negative comments about gramatical mistakes, I do my best with grammer but feel that my work is really about story content and I just write for fun and the readers enjoyment. Please don't be too critical of those errors but try to just enjoy the content. Thanks to all for reading my stories. "R"