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Someone emailed me today

April 1, 2008
Posted at 7:04 pm

asking when I was going to finish Inherit My Heart. The short answer is I have no idea. I am currently in school so that takes up alot of my time, and the way my school is set up now, it goes year round, so I honestly don't know when I will get around to it. I left the story off where I did, so that if I didn't get around to it for awhile, which I obviously haven't, you all wouldn't be sitting around wondering what the fuck happened to the characters. As it stands now, they are happy, but there is alot more of their story to tell. The whole thing is mapped out in my head-it's just a matter of getting around to typing it.

Thanks for the continued interest, and if you ask me questions, please provide an email so that I may answer. If you send stuff anonymously, I can only reply in this format.