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March 4, 2008
Posted at 6:13 am

Right, Judgements is moving reasonably well, and still seems on track to finish at least by early April, perhaps before. It might take a few extra days to finish editing, it obviously, but I hope to have it posted by the end of April.

Then I move house in May, probably early May, so I'm not expecting to get a huge amount done in that time.

I've already started work on Shades of Grey (Light and Dark 2), but it's my background project until Judgements is finished. Then I've got to pick a new background project - so I'm kind of trawling for votes on this, almost.

I want to finish something I've started already, and the two that have received the most feedback are Azrael and NIS: Westchester - I need editors for either or both, as well, if anyone's interested, but they will be slow going for a while.