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February 14, 2008
Posted at 10:40 am

I'm still alive

I know that many of you are wondering what is happening with Unusual Fate and if I will ever finish it off. I have one chapter already 80% in the bag, with plans for about 3 more to come after that. My muse, however, has clearly gone on vacation and I've struggled to get even the briefest of sentences jotted down.

I'm hoping to get Chapter 6 up before the end of the month and then we'll see how disciplined I can be after that.

I've got 2 other stories underway and equally incomplete that I'd like to finish off at least half way before I start posting them. Both are long, in the neighbourhood of 20 chapters or so. I think I'll hammer out a few short stories before tackling those, however, as I just don't see them being completed any time soon.

I appreciate everyone's patience with me, and I promise to do better in 08 :)