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End Of Another Story

January 10, 2008
Posted at 11:49 am

I have just finished posting The Millionaire Next Door. Some might feel that it came to a rather abrupt end. Perhaps, but perhaps not. I could have continued by introducing other problems and describing how he solved them. I could have told about how he cleaned up the school system. I could have told about Kim's life. I could have... Well, you get the idea. There were lots of little things I could have written about, but it wouldn't have been about Dan's effort to achieve happiness.

With his marriage to the three women he loved, Dan Parker achieved his happiness. There wasn't more to be told about his pursuit of it. Everything after this point would have been about maintaining happiness.

I am still considering writing the articles. The e-mail is running about three to one for writing them. The main problem is that it is a very different kind of writing endeavor. Many people feel that the story itself presents the articles in just the proper fashion to be useful. Others have suggested that no matter how well they are written, that they won't be good enough. I tend to agree.

I have thought about creating an on-line magazine in which people can submit their versions of the three articles. Readers have submitted a lot of variants of the facts of life to me. Maybe I agree with them and then again maybe I don't, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that it is a beginning. Right now, I don't have the time to pursue this. Perhaps some interested reader might take the idea and run with it.