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A Year Of Many Stories

December 31, 2007
Posted at 11:49 am

As the New Year approaches, I find myself reminiscing about the past twelve months. If I may say so myself, despite the rather hectic end of year schedule at work, this was a productive year. I have completed stories:

General Sid
Oscar Meyers

Admittedly, Hunter was rather controversial, but I'm rather proud of all three of them. In addition to the stories I finished, I have three other stories in progress:

The Quatyl
William Redman Carter
The Millionaire Next Door

Due to work related issues, I was not able to complete posting of The Millionaire Next Door although I had finished the first draft of it well before the end of the year. I expect to finish posting it within a week of the New Year. Admittedly some of the errors in that story remain because of a rush to post it by the end of the year.

I have not forgotten the other stories and will be posting additional chapters in the near future. There will be a galactic war in the Quatyl and William will direct the world towards a better future.

My work schedule has slowed down, but I am still very busy. Odds are good that my life won't slow down until the beginning of summer. I doubt that 2008 will be as productive. I do have a story in progress -- the Victorian. It is an odd little piece about a young man who inherits a spooky old house from an old friend of the family. I'll probably start posting it at the end of spring.