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October 30, 2007
Posted at 2:57 pm

A new journey for Manya

Hi everyone... I realize the sex lately has been a little rushed a bit \\\"too convenient\\\" but in my mind, it was necessary. Please bear with me as I begin the next stage in Manya\\\'s development. To me, the first stage was what the original author - Pervin wrote. The next stage was what I had written so far.

Now I attempt to write the third stage in Manya\\\'s development, one everything had been leading up to. That is not to say that it is the last stage in her development, but rather the most crucial.

The first stage started her journey down a certain path (sex with many men). The second stage found her being accepted by the important people in her family as she expanded her boundaries and horizons a bit (dogs, her sons, her daughter Tanya and Sana.)

Now she will go beyond the point of no return and begin the journey where she reaches new depths of depravity.