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Facts Of Life

October 16, 2007
Posted at 7:50 pm

Today I posted chapter 3 of The Millionaire Next Door and within 8 hours received 30 e-mails asking for links to the three articles mentioned in the story. I wish that I could give out links to them, but I can't. I would if I could, but they don't exist. At least, I've never found such an article.

Some readers may enjoy a little history about the facts of life presented in this story. I used to hear about the facts of life quite frequently, but no one could tell me what they were. On television shows, movies, and stories, people would say that it was time to explain the facts of life to their children. Usually this was followed by a lecture on human reproduction that was more often fiction than fact.

The whole idea of a set of statements that constituted the facts of life intrigued me. I felt that there had to be some facts about living that constituted the facts of life. I set about trying to come up with a list of statements that were always true and meaningful in terms of making decisions about life.

I came up with the first draft of the ten 'facts of life' presented in this story over twenty years ago. I've refined them over time trying to get them in a form that was as succinct as possible. I've had people argue against them, but no one has ever convinced me that they are anything other than fact.

Some observant readers may have noticed that I have included a few of the facts of life in the Damsels in Distress stories. I was about to start another story in that universe when the thought came upon me to showcase the facts of life in one story rather than distributed across multiple stories. The result of that thought is 'The Millionaire Next Door.' I hope that you enjoy that story.