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Completing 'The Collar'

September 30, 2007
Posted at 4:05 pm
Updated: October 22, 2007 - 5:17 am

I was amazed by the flood of warm messages that arrived in my inbox following the conclusion of 'The Collar Around the Heart'. Thanks, all of you!

I write slowly and laboriously, and I am afraid that when I was sweating over each chapter I was more concerned with plot, and getting the chapters out on time, than with typos. However, I have now posted a copy with fewer mistakes. Many thanks to Diatikan for meticulous proof reading.

Many people sent in suggestions for a sequel - thanks again. They are noted down and if I ever attempt a follow-up, I will crib from them shamelessly.

On earlier stories, I discovered that writing without an editor is like trying to play tennis with a patch over one eye. Without stereoscopic vision the result will be feeble, no matter how hard you try. My thanks, yet again, to Bandit IRA who held my hand while I got this one out.