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A Minor Celebration

August 13, 2007
Posted at 1:04 pm

For some reason or another, certain numbers seem to be more significant than others. For example, years ending in zeros are more significant than years ending in other digits. Years ending in two zeros have a greater significance than that while years ending in three zeros seem the ultimate in significance, at least as far as dates go. Other numbers pop up with great regularity in western culture, 2, 3, 7, 12, 13, and, after publication of the Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy, 42. Let us not forget the magic age of 100 which is a landmark birthday of equal significance to Sweet 16, Voting 18, Drinking 21, and Retirement 65.

You might wonder why I'm talking so much about special numbers. Well, the most recent chapter of Hunter pushed me past another landmark number. I have now posted 15M characters of stories on SOL. (Hold on while I brush the confetti from my eyes).

I cringe somewhat when I read my first story, John Carter, and see how many errors there are in that story. One day I will go through and clean it up. Until that day, I'll continue to post more chapters. Who knows, maybe I'll hit another landmark number.

I would like to take a moment in the middle of the mad celebrations going on here to thank Lazeez for having provided a forum in which I can publish my works. I doubt that I would have made it to this point without the wonderful publishing environment that Lazeez had provided.

I also want to thank the readers who continue to send me e-mails despite the fact that I seldom answer them. So far, I have received 10,000 e-mails from readers. (That was another landmark number that I hit late last night and contributed to the degree of frenzy of my celebration.) I do want you to know that I appreciate them.