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What's coming down the pipe

October 9, 2017
Posted at 8:45 pm

Two more chapters of Gray Jedi should be posted here shortly. These two are primarily spent exploring our two new additions to the crew of the Middle Way, Jax Pavan and Laranth Tarak. For those of you who have been hoping for a sexy Twi'lek, she has arrived, and will get some nice scenes in the coming chapters. You'll also recognize a few characters from Rogue One in Chapter 11, Baze and Chirrut. I'm having fun with this, as you can tell.

Also, I've begun work on the sequel to "A Genius in King Arthur's Court," which I've titled "A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta." Still in the early stages of outlining, but I plan for it to be a bit shorter, may six chapters or so. It will focus primarily on Dave and Maddie's relationship as they adjust to their powers in the modern world. I also plan to merge this story with the other one into an actual public universe, the title of which I'm not sure. If anyone has any good ideas on what to title said universe, please feel free to share. Thanks for your readership!


Anyone else encountering this?

September 20, 2017
Posted at 7:32 pm

I've been in contact today with Lazeez regarding a strange glitch on the website. Whenever I'm signed in and then attempt to go read a story, this action then logs me out, and I'm prompted to log in if I wish to read the entire thing. Very annoying and frustrating! Lazeez is pretty baffled, too, though he's working diligently to try and track down the issue. He says he's heard from about five or six of us encountering this, which is not a lot of people and is making it difficult for him to find the problem, as it's occurring so rarely. If you are encountering anything like this, please don't ignore it. Send Lazeez a message through the help inquiry so he has more information to work with. The more info he has, the faster he can figure out what is causing this. Thanks!


Thanks to all who replied!

September 17, 2017
Posted at 9:58 pm

I was truly overwhelmed by the number of readers interested in test reading for me. So much so that I simply couldn't reply to all of you! I apologize for that; I usually try to be better about replying to each message individually, but seriously, you guys are awesome. I think I've got a great bunch of editors and avid readers to help my efforts. For the many that I didn't reply to, know that it's nothing personal. There were so many qualified volunteers to respond to my request! Thanks again for the overwhelming support!


Test readers wanted!

September 17, 2017
Posted at 12:32 am

I am looking for two or three additional test readers for a new short story I'm working on. An ability to see grammatical errors and typos is nice, but I primarily need readers with a great critical eye for story, plot holes, and character development/motivations. If interested, simply send me a message here on SOL. Thanks in advance!


To the readers!

August 23, 2017
Posted at 11:45 pm

We've all been there. Getting messages from trolls who seek to insult the work we've done seems to be a way of life for every sort of author. Me? I like to think I'm resilient. I will always defend my works on a factual level, but I try as best as I can to avoid engaging in mudslinging and name calling. But as a recent critic found out, there is one sure-fire way to piss me the hell off: insulting my readers.

I write for fun, not necessarily for recognition, but I have the deepest appreciation for the loyal base of readers that have enjoyed my stories over the past year-plus. They are the ones who post such great feedback on my stories. They help me improve as an author, and even give me ideas for later in the story by debating concepts in the comments that have yet to be fleshed out in my work. It's invigorating! So when someone sends me an email complaining that my readers must be simpletons for my stories to have garnered such high scores, the fangs will come out.

I'm totally cool with anyone, ANYONE who simply isn't into what I'm selling. No hard feelings! But the readers are the lifeblood of any story. It's their interest that keeps a story going, and their imagination that brings it to life in their minds. So please, even if you didn't enjoy someone's story, never EVER belittle the readers who did enjoy it. You only make yourself look like an ass in the process.

In conclusion, here's to you, readers! We authors may create these stories, but you guys are the ones that bring life to the stories!

And that's all I've got to say 'bout that...