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Quick update

June 21, 2017
Posted at 6:31 pm

Both "Gray Jedi" and "A Genius in King Arthur's Court" are progressing well. I'm taking a quick break from them for a short story that's been rattling around my brain for some time now. I'll eventually be submitting it for a contest on another website, but once I get the first draft done, I'll post it here, hopefully to get some pointers and advice from my awesome readers. Thanks again for reading!

Gray Jedi and Genius updates

May 11, 2017
Posted at 6:42 pm

I'm now to the point in "A Genius in King Arthur's Court" where I feel comfortable working on both it and "Gray Jedi" at the same time. Chapter 9 of Jedi is forthcoming, probably this weekend or early next week. It will pick back up in the aftermath of Chapter 8, and introduce a pair of recurring characters in the process. Thanks to all who have commented for all the support!


Response to my new story

March 5, 2017
Posted at 2:52 pm

Wow... was not expecting such excitement and enthusiasm to my newest story, "A Genius in King Arthur's Court." Glad to know so many readers like the concept! I'll definitely be continuing with it, and "Gray Jedi" as well. I'll probably spend a couple of weeks getting the first few chapters of King Arthur written before returning to Jedi. This is my first attempt at working on two stories at the same time, so we shall see how successful I am. Thanks again to all who have commented and sent feedback!

Trying something new

March 4, 2017
Posted at 10:20 am

I am attempting to work on two stories simultaneously for the first time. Gray Jedi is going well, and I have ideas in the works for future chapters. I'm also posting the first chapter of a time-travel story I had the idea for, set in the Arthurian Legend. I'd love feedback on the story concept, and which story the readers want to see more of sooner, or if both are equally fun to read! Seriously, thanks for reading and especially your feedback; it really helps make me a better writer.


An Unforgettable Melody repost

February 24, 2017
Posted at 9:09 pm

So I've been going back and reading some of my earlier works, and it's always interesting how much one's writing style evolves over time, even in the span of just a year. I did some edits to clean up the wordiness throughout the entire story, and am going to repost the story all at once here. I hope everyone who enjoyed it the first time around will read the new-and-improved version, and I always hope that new readers will discover my works as well. Thanks again for all your support!