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Uther Pendragon: Blog

Score for each story

March 13, 2018
Posted at 1:50 pm

I now have a score for each of my stories.

When I resumed posting this last time, about 40% of my stories had scores. The others had been on the site longer than the grading system had been in place.

As of the time I downloaded the scores, I had 125 stories listed on the site. (One, now two, had been removed, but they are still on my list.)

That allows a simple division of my stories into 5 sets of 25 apiece, from most popular to least popular.


I note that 11 of my 23 Brennan stories (For...) are among the 25 most popular. (11 of the top 22, for that matter.)

The Brennan stories are each intended to stand alone, but they are probably more satisfying if read in order, starting from _Forever_.

The Crew

February 26, 2018
Posted at 3:44 pm

Back when I was trying to sell my stories, I invented The Crew

They are 6 men and 3 women who moved to Wisconsin to live together in a converted farmhouse.

If you want to read their beginnings, you'll have to pay the publisher. (Though I'd like to hear from you if you do.)

Otherwise, the current story, Gayle's Ceremony finds them ensconced in the farmhouse and deciding to start a kid.

Being who they are, they decide to combine that with a fertility ceremony.
Some have been posted as I write this.
The last chapter is 9.
= =

Some time ago, another writer wrote me that he thought that WL -- "Wedded Lust," stories of sex within the marriage relationship -- was merely a subset of "Happily Ever After."

Not to me.

Not all marriages, not even all fictional marriages, are happy.

Not any real marriages are always happy. Not the better fictional ones, either.

The Brennans (Any Uther story whose title begins with 'For . . .') have a good marriage, but they also have sadness and quarrels.

The alternatives for real relationships are not restricted to:
1) unending bliss, or
2) cheating.

Restricting stories to these to alternatives is stultifying as hell.

= =

Anyway, whether The Crew is a marriage or not is a matter of definition. They sure as hell aren't a legal marriage.

However, the same issues arise, and some others, as well.

When you have two people in a family, you have one relationship between them, even if that relationship is quite complex.
When you have 9 people in a family, you have 36 relationships between pairs of them, even if only 18 of those are actively sexual.

Read, enjoy, comment.

Anyone miss Uther?

August 30, 2005
Posted at 4:11 pm

Anybody miss me??

My home computer gang agley, and I've only been online from a library computer which I can only use infrequently and under restrictions.
So, I'm still alive; I'm just not very active right now.