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Tom Frost: Blog

Novel, but maybe not a novel

February 14, 2018
Posted at 10:01 pm

Once chapter 36 is posted, Too Much Love will be over 1,000 pages long (according to my 2 kilobytes/page estimate) and still only nearing the end of the first act.

I don't think Too Much Love is a novel in the conventional sense. There's too much slice of life in it and it meanders. If I had to rely on traditional publishing methods to get it out, it would never get written. It's not really a serial either.

Whatever it is, I'm glad to be getting it out there and I'm glad so many people are enjoying reading it.

The cold is slowing everything down

January 8, 2018
Posted at 7:30 pm

After months of posting a new chapter of Too Much Love every week like clockwork, I'm down to a single finished chapter and a few pages in the can.

I'll be posting chapter 33 on Friday, Jan 12. After that, output may get a bit erratic. I blame the 10+ day cold snap we've had here in NYC. It's just been too cold (even inside) to sit and concentrate on writing.

Posting TML going forward

December 23, 2017
Posted at 11:31 am

If you follow this blog, you might notice that chapter 30 was not the behemoth I mentioned when I first wrote it. I decided to break it into two smaller chapters so I would have something edited and ready to go this week and because I'm running low on backlog.

In August, I had seven or eight chapters written ahead of what I was posting, but that number has been dwindling. Right now, chapters 31 and 32 are in the can, ready for a final edit and I'm working on chapter 33.

My new employer closes their office from Christmas to NYD and, after a hiatus, I'm writing regularly again. If I get the writing I plan to do done, the backlog should grow again. The chapters will probably be shorter, but the action should start to accelerate around chapter 36-38.

I look forward to writing and completing Too Much Love in 2018. Special thanks to everyone who's written in with feedback (positive and negative) and helped shape this odd duck of a story.

A random note from the hopper

November 19, 2017
Posted at 2:07 pm

I've been skimming through my hopper of unfinished (and in some cases, unstarted) work and came across a file labeled "The Incubus Philosopher" last edited in 2014. It reads:

On "Pickup Artists"

There are only ever two steps to seducing a woman. First you learn who she is, then you dismantle who she thinks she should be. Anything beyond that - the "negging," and the sidling and the ridiculous peacock behavior should be left for the sort who lap up little puddles of desire and are fooled into thinking they've drunk deeply.

I should know of what I speak. I've seduced thousands of women and been one myself for decades at a time. Most of society's power is bent towards hobbling the innate power of women in full control of their own sexuality. When I was a woman at the height of my power, kings and generals would have given me whatever I asked just to fuck me. Even if the rest of the world wants to burn you at the stake, there is phenomenal power there - one no man can achieve unless he convinces a lot of other men to point their swords in the same direction and stab everyone between you and your goals.

(I have a really epic story centered around a college for magic rattling around in my head that I hope I'll get to write some day.)

Two chapters this Friday

October 20, 2017
Posted at 12:03 am

Editing chapter 20 of Too Much Love this week, I realized that it's not really a proper chapter. Stuff happens, but it doesn't end on a transition or a cliffhanger. It's transitional.

Since I have 10 chapters in the can, I decided the best solution was to edit and post two chapters this week. So, 20 and 21 will be coming out tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy it.