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Slowly still on the mend, but...

February 14, 2018
Posted at 12:42 pm

No... I haven't forgotten about SOL, and all of my various works 'in-progress'!

Recovery from my fourth major orthopedic surgery continues. Already my left shoulder feels better than it has in years, but I'm still very limited right now in what I can or should do. Everything is still connected with screws and supposedly the tendons won't really reattach themselves for a few more months yet. So I'm taking things very slow and being patient... or I'll risk needing a surgery #5.

I'm off of all pain meds now (for the first time in 4+ years), so I can actually think my way around plot lines without being in a constant mental fog, so that's progress too! Working on lots of story notes and I have the first eight pages or so of the next Arc Deco chapter done (but needs a massive rewrite still).

Being partially disabled for the last 4+ years has meant that I've only been able to work part-time, if at all. That (unfortunately) won't change for another 3-6 months, until I'm medically cleared to be able to pick up more than 5 pounds. So, we've relied solely upon my wife's salary - and now she's been laid off!

So, at the moment, scrambling for grocery and mortgage money has been my main priority, and unfortunately not banging out any of the fifty or so stories cluttering my head at the moment. Fortunately, since I've been a packrat for most of my life, I've got plenty of boxes of stuff to throw up on eBay, so that's really helped.

Anyway... hoping to try and finish up that next Arco Deco soonish.

Chances are... this surgery went pretty well!

October 30, 2017
Posted at 3:25 pm
Updated: October 30, 2017 - 3:28 pm

Recovering slowly and my left arm is all still immobile in a sling - and will stay that way for at least another two full weeks. I'm already in less pain than I'm used to normally being in, prior to the surgery... which is very good news.

Surgery #4 ended up being a complete left shoulder reconstruction rather than a 'clean-up' of the rotator cuff, as planned... which apparently was non-existent. Everything is connected with screws now, but the pain is already less! I was never going to throw a 99 mph fastball anyway.

Wife got laid off from her job (10+ years) last week too, so it has been a rather 'challenging' week. We could use some friendly prayers! Fortunately, the surgery co-pays were all paid for in advance or that could have been a nightmare, if the timing had been off and we'd lost our medical insurance before the surgery.

Won't be able to write for at least another two weeks, as expected, but this give me a chance to zone out on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix, Britbox and Acorn. Mostly brit-mysteries. Finished season one of Riverdale last week, working on American Gods, Stranger Things, The Sniffer, The Expanse and Eureka! this week.

Chances Are... done!

October 10, 2017
Posted at 11:11 pm

It took me until Chapter 20 to get to a story ending that I was happy with. Yes, there will be a sequel - later, eventually.

I'm still working on the last chapter(s) of Under a Baleful Sky and also the next chapter of I'm Going to Make It All the Way (go Astros!), but the odds are getting iffy that I can finish either of them with minimal review and editing time before I go in for surgery. The odds of getting anything done for weeks or even a month or two afterwards is iffy, to say the least.

Finishing Up Chancer

October 5, 2017
Posted at 10:53 am

I posted Chapter 17 yesterday and finished the editing on Chapter 18. I'm going to look it over one more time and then post it up today. Chapter 19 (the finale) is mostly done but it needs a last rewrite - my project for today and I'll hopefully post it Friday. That will finish this phase of the story and I'll flag it 'Done'. There will be a continuation sequel - later, eventually.

I'm going in for orthopedic surgery in about a week (#4 in the last four years) and that is going to utterly screw my writing schedule. Last year I tried to write while on pain meds (or living without them) and it didn't work out. Maybe this time it will be easier??? Doubtful...

So... before I end up taking what might be another involuntary 6+ month break from writing (yet again), I *will* finish Chancer *and* get at least one chapter done for Baleful Sky early next week. With luck and a strong tailwind, I think doing two chapters will also finish that story. It's do-able, assuming no other crisis's strike before surgery time.

I want (badly) to start on a Halloween story, but I'm afraid it's going to be a long one and couldn't possibly get finished before either the surgery or the contest entry deadline.


On the bright side, if the surgery works (this time) I might be pain-free for the first time in at least five years. I find writing with a little bit of pain to be sometimes helpful in channeling the concentration and imagination - but living/working with sometimes a LOT of pain just makes me curl up and whimper on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix/Britbox/Acorn. So... I'm hoping for a bit of improvement, if all goes well this time.

//off to finish Chancer
///then... Hairy Bikers food porn marathon

Post-Harvey Doldrums

September 28, 2017
Posted at 9:44 am

The really good news was that our house didn't flood during the storm. The not-so good news was that nearly every single house around us in our neighborhood did. Everything looks like a war zone.

So, our house had no major damage... but still had a dozen or so minor little petty things that all needed some attention. Most of that is done now, but the rest will still take months to finish up. I'm also probably looking at another major orthopedic surgery in October (#4) and will find out for sure next week.

Anyway, I've had no time for writing - but I'm hoping I can get back to editing the last two chapters of Chancer next week. Once that is done... I'll try to settle down to start something else.