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Chapter 476 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 23, 2018
Posted at 12:59 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The General paused the video again, both men sitting quietly as they thought.

At last, Jeff cleared his throat. "So? What are you thinking, Sir?"

"None of your damn business," the General responded, but there was a grin in his voice.

Jeff chuckled. "Well now, jail is supposed to rehabilitate," he offered, more or less tongue in cheek, just to hassle his superior a bit.

"A couple sentences are not going to get him back to Earth," Whitworth tried to snarl, but his remark didn't come across as firmly as he thought it should have.

Jeff could see the change in Morales, and he knew the General could too. Just to jerk his chain a little, Jeff wanted to ask why Whitworth had shown the scene to him, but he wisely kept his mouth shut...

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Chapter 475 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 16, 2018
Posted at 12:17 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...She smiled as she went on with her work, her mind focused on what the cock that had produce the bulge in the front of his pants would feel like when he pushed it inside her. Stop that, she chastised herself. He's a prisoner, and just another man, no matter how it felt when we kissed, but there's no way letting him put that thing in me will ever turn out for the good.<

Maybe, but you won't ever know unless you try it, Girl, she argued with herself. Besides, you might just find out what Carol (a friend at college) was raving about every time she talked about her fiancé. She, for sure, had the proverbial stars in her eyes every time she spent the night with him, not to mention walking funny the next day, Jasmine's thoughts finished, accompanied by an audible giggle.

"What's so funny over there?" Morales called out.

Crap. The man hears too damn well.
"Just something that happened back on Earth. Girl stuff." She thought that the "girl stuff " comment would put an end to his question, and it did.

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Chapter 474 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 9, 2018
Posted at 12:11 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

..."Jas?" he questioned when she hadn't answered.

"I, uh… I guess it does, somehow, feel like home. I mean the wolves seem to have accepted me. They come to be petted and made over. Sometimes, one or even both of them will lie down beside me while I'm working on my computer - just to be near me, I suppose. Even the chickens come running over to me for treats. And, of course, they do you the same way, too. But that, among other things, seems to have made me feel… content, I suppose the word should be. And, those feelings continue when we're sitting around the fire talking." Or working together, she added mentally.

"The cave, you, the wolves, even the chickens, just make me feel at home," she finished, lamely. And you haven't felt this way since you left your parents and began college and your career, she added mentally...

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Chapter 473 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 2, 2018
Posted at 11:56 am

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...She knew he was pissed, and she had to give him credit, every time she turned aside to check out something, once she was finished, he brought her back and checked the fishing line behind them, then pointed in the direction she should keep going.

"I checked behind me to make sure of my orientation, then picked out a column at the limit of my light and made sure we walked straight toward that column. I did that every time. I fucking paid attention. We walked in as near a straight line as I could manage under the circumstances. We did-fucking-not walk in a circle," he ground out.

Her impulse was to argue, after all, they were back where they started, and she even opened her mouth to point that out when she had second thoughts. This was Morales. He lived by being careful. If it were just me, I would laugh it off for walking in a circle. No harm done; we're back where we started, but… if he didn't have a good sense of direction, he would have gotten himself lost in the forest around the cave. He told me he went after salt and also went back to the drop point for the second case. It doesn't make sense that a person like that would become lost in a twenty-minute walk in what amounts to a giant underground room. But what other explanation is there?

Turning to look him in the face, "Tell me what you think happened." When he frowned, she went quickly on. "I am not arguing with you. If you say we didn't walk in a circle, then we didn't. But I'm stymied for an answer." With another quick look around, then back at the crack, "So now what do we do?"...

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Chapter 472 of Book 3 is in the queue

January 26, 2018
Posted at 12:27 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

..."What about a compass? Is there one on your binoculars?"

"Yes," she quietly responded.

"Then, I suggest you use it so we stay on a straight line."

But she was shaking her head. "It's all over the place…"

"Spinning?" he injected.

For some reason, she hadn't wanted to tell him about the compass. "No. Well, not exactly. It just bounces from one direction to another with no discernable pattern," she added.

"Let me see."

He brought the binoculars to his eyes, at first holding steady in a direction along a path perpendicular to the wall, then after some time, changed to check in several different directions.

Finally, he handed the binoculars back to her. "That's… weird," he replied with an odd look on his face. "But you're right. The compass seems to lock in one direction, claiming it's north, then after a couple of seconds, jumps to another direction and locks there for a second or two, before moving again. Shit, that's weird," he repeated.

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