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Phil Phantom: Blog

June 13, 2006
Posted at 1:41 pm

Phil's Health

Dear Phantom Phan,

Phil's wife, Cheryl, has announced that his health has taken a turn for the worse.

Those of us that enjoy his perverse style of story telling surely wish for his remission.

Cheryl can be contacted through

A Phil Phantom Phan.

April 5, 2005
Posted at 2:39 pm

Hi Phans,

I’m back to posting. Sorry for the hiatus but real life intrudes.

Phil is still not well. He is scheduled to leave south Texas for a small town in north Texas. Since this trip will be without his wife, I will be losing contact with him while he is gone.

Louise said that he has done a complete rewrite of most of his stories and that he thinks they are better. I will not be posting any of the rewrites nor any of the over 700 new stories but there will still be plenty to read. She can still be contacted at and at

By popular request - My new story post is from his Dandy Don pen-name (Dandy Don stories are from a world that is a little LESS real that the Phil Phantom world - if that is possible). It is 18 chapters and includes most all his favorite themes. I plan to post about 6 chapters a day so that you can get in all by the end of the week. I did not include a description because that would be a little like writing a description of “See No Evil” in 500 words or less. You’d have to be Phil to do that. ;-)

Enjoy the story,

A Phil Phantom Phan - Dave

PS: I owe several of you an answer to the email that you sent while I was gone. I will be getting to that this next week.

February 5, 2005
Posted at 4:01 pm
Updated: February 5, 2005 - 5:30 pm

Update on Phil

Hi Phil Phantom Phans,

I just spoke with Phil’s wife, Louise, and she said that Phil is a little better today and she is taking him out to lunch. She also reported that he is happy that you enjoy what he writes. She also sent me the website page link that she has up.

The link is:

That is all I have for today but I invite anyone with questions to please send them to me.

A Phil Phantom Phan

February 1, 2005
Posted at 2:32 pm
Updated: February 1, 2005 - 2:34 pm

Update on Phil

Hi Phans,

I’ve spent several hours with Phil’s wife, Louise, this week (you members will remember her as Phil’s secretary) and although Phil is not well, he is writing a lot. He has completed about 600 stories in the past 4 years; that brings his total to over 1300 stories. Amazing!. My opinion is that he feels driven to get it ALL written.

Every time I talk to Louise the list of Phil’s work gets longer. He has completed 20 stories in the last 2 weeks. The latest word is that she is opening a site so that email can come directly to her since Phil no longer does any. I’ll post that address here and I will email it to the Phans that have emailed me.

I thank all of you that written me wishing Phil the best and ‘Get Well’ and all those urging that I post stories faster. ;-)


A Phil Phantom Phan

January 25, 2005
Posted at 7:22 pm

New Stories

Hi Phans,

I got the complete list of Phil's new stories today. I'll let you know when I get them sorted.

I also received the question from a Phan, "Will all Phil's stories be posted on SOL?" The simple answer is, "No!" The complex answer is that Phil has written over 800 stories and only about half have been seen by the public. It is my hope, and it is also my hope that it is his hope, that he opens his website again. Presently he only wants to write. For those and other reasons, I will not, knowingly, violate his copyrights.

If you want to stay abreast, or abutt or a(your personal favorite body part), of how Phil is doing, send me your email address.

A Phil Phantom Phan,