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June 2, 2018
Posted at 12:20 am

Sorry that should have been accepted


June 2, 2018
Posted at 12:17 am

For the last few months I thought I had severe fatigue. Earlier this week I was admitted to the hospital again with a severe UTI. So severe in fact that they thought my kidney's were effected. It was also found that I may be pre-diabetic.

I am 55 so I guess the health will start to decline a bit. Just to let all know I am working on Lost Empire. I am almost half done with 59 so hopefully not much longer. After the infection has been mostly eradicated I am actually feeling more normal for the first time in a very long time.

I wanted to say thank you to all that gave their words of encouragement. You should know they are well appreciated and excepted.


May 14, 2018
Posted at 5:37 am

I do not know the pain of losing a child. I have four my self all grown. I will have several groups her in Fla saying prayers for you and your family. I lost a family member years ago, l Know the pain never goes away but makes us closer to the memories that we shared with our loved one. Please take the time to grieve and heal as well as you can.


May 14, 2018
Posted at 5:27 am

Just to let you know I am actually writing! Finished almost half of the next Toman tonight but bed calls got one more day of work then three days to possibly write.


April 26, 2018
Posted at 4:29 am

hello all. Have been taking a beating on a few of the many sites I am on. Have been accused among other things of stringing people along. That I lied about being sick, that I even lied about heart attack.

It wasn't here though a few from here might have seen the comments. I almost quit writing thinking no one wanted my stories anymore. I had an author who is a friend who knows who I am give me advise.

He told me critics are like assholes, they all have one. Then he reminded me I write for me then I share with others. Made sense so after a few weeks away (the last two sick as a dog) I have started writing again. I hope to have a chapter of Sheila out tomorrow.

For those of you who have asked I started the next chapter of Lost Empire (finally) I think I got about a fifth of it written tonight. I just hope I can stay healthy for a longer period of a week.