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Paige Hawthorne: Blog

Milestone Moment — A Fourth Winter-Reader Emerges.

February 18, 2018
Posted at 1:43 pm

Several readers recently told me that some of my Winter Jennings stories now have four votes in the Clitorides. Unless my son has figured out how to cast more than one ballot … well, welcome aboard, stranger!

Not that I pay the slightest attention to reader scores.

On that subject - so many of you boys have written to ask why I include that particular disclaimer in my reflections. Does the phrase 'tongue' when coupled with 'in' and appended to 'cheek' resonate? Just askin'.


Three Editors, A Sympathetic Mod … Et Voila!

February 9, 2018
Posted at 2:28 pm


Judging from the amount of letters I've received about what is and isn't allowed - sex-wise - in the SOL library of stories … well, there is considerable reader interest in the subject.

Here's where we stand:

SOL is based in a country where specific laws state that all fictional characters must be at least 14-years old to participate in sex.

In other words, SOL doesn't have an arbitrary moderator making capricious decisions. This site could be shut down for violations. It's the law, stupid.

Now, do some questionable scenes slip past? Possibly. Probably. Yes.

In addition … older stories, dating back to before the law was passed, are grandfathered into SOL. And they are also free from scrutiny by the lawmakers. Law enforcers.

Now some of the newer stories that have 'slipped past' are mine - those Winter Jennings stories. Not having the time to re-edit them, my solution was simply to have them deleted.

But, Thorny, Steve, and Mike, still masquerading as editors, volunteered to wade through hundreds of thousands of words to eliminate everything questionable. The SOL moderator graciously granted them a week to complete their work.

Remarkably, the editors succeeded. Hours and hours of reading, deleting, cross-checking with each other, re-proofing. Hours.

From This Day Forth … all Winter Jennings stories are now street legal.

That's my story and I'm … well, you know.


PS Thanks also to my three readers. So supportive. Two of them mentioned they wouldn't mind if the Winter Jennings stories survived in SOL.

Lost My Cherry ...

February 7, 2018
Posted at 11:41 am

For the first time ever, I nominated a story for the Clitorides. "Retribution" for Best MC (main character -- Linda).

This nomination is unusual for me because:

> I don't even vote for stories, let alone nominate them. This applies to my own work too.

> The author, Thornfoote, is one of my editors and has done irreparable harm to the Winter Jennings series.

> I'm both lazy and busy.

But, credit due.


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night …

February 5, 2018
Posted at 10:45 am

I hate to go and leave this pretty site …

I'm taking down the six Winter Jennings stories that I've posted here. Yes, cue the Veuve Clicquot corks - you Winter-haters can finally rejoice. All traces will be eliminated today.


A reader cheesed me out to the SOL management for inappropriate (underage) sexual content. And, understandably, it's the mod's responsibility to maintain this site in the manner he deems most appropriate.

As a courtesy, I was given the option to edit the stories, but Real Life intrudes … as it so often does. A recent promotion means even more travel, longer hours, the usual. So I simply don't have time to read through the hundreds of thousands of words I was so proud to post here.

To the remaining three Winter fans, don't despair. A new story, a site-appropriate story, will soon be winging its way toward the editorial cesspool.

For now … my apologies to the SOL webmaster and any readers who have been offended by my amateurish prose.

Hmm … if I can just figure out how to delete these pesky stories!


PS Okay … I see that I can not, in fact, delete my stories. So I'll put in a formal request, through appropriate channels, to the SOL moderator.

As Tout Le Monde Knows ...

January 26, 2018
Posted at 9:47 am

The vast SOL infrastructure is riddled with corruption. Except ... not really.

SOL is just a guy, a dedicated guy. And a part-timer to help him out.

Imagine. Somehow keeping this labor-intensive site ticking along, seven days a week, 50-however many weeks there are in a year.


And free to all of us unworthy readers, writers, lurkers, and other deplorables.