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12 August 2009

August 12, 2009
Posted at 1:56 pm

Hi All,

I am posting the first chapter of El Paso Border War on 13 Aug 09. Dream-Girl not only edited it, she also wrote some the story. The story will post on Mondays and Thursdays. Scoring is turned off right now so you'll have to express your gripes via e-mail.

Border Wars touches more than once on the subject of illegal immigration. It had too, if you think about it, because for a rancher near the border, illegals are a fact of life. There is rape in the story also, because it too, is a fact of life for the women and girls being smuggled into the US. So, while those real-world issues are part of the story, like most of the things I write, the main emphasis is on a good man trying to do the right thing and the women in his life.