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My Everett Mountain Retreat-More Pt. 4

September 17, 2017
Posted at 7:59 pm

It appears there is a good possibility of this chapter being forwarded for proofing.

For the 25 interested readers, you have something to look forward too, after two years of wondering what ever happed to Don and his Bunnies.

Bunnies’ Rebuttal to the Rumours

September 14, 2017
Posted at 10:11 pm

The leader of the Bunny collation 'Jim7' stated emphatically that he had nothing to do with any rebellion of three bunnies after they ate two baskets of overripe blueberries. It seems the alcoholic content of the ripe berries had them doing a crazy dance, to some tune 'Jim7' was whistling.

As of early this morning Everett Mountain was tranquil after yesterday's actions.

There was something said about the next possible next chapter, something about 38,500 words to process.

With the addition of new interested readers have the new total at 23.. that is approximately a 30% increase.

Stay tuned. More surprises to follow.

Someone is Spreading Rumours about My Bunnies

September 13, 2017
Posted at 1:11 pm

There is a Rumour going around that my bunnies were involved in another chapter of Everett Mountain.
Apparently someone or a group of someone's have attempted to over run Don's cabin once again.

So for the seventeen people who have shown some interest in an additional chapter, there may be some hope. There currently is a team of researchers attempting to confirm the validity of this gossip.

Stay tuned. There may be more news.

It Started with Panties

September 2, 2017
Posted at 9:41 am

The above has been submitted for posting. If you read it, plz vote.


It Started with Panties

September 1, 2017
Posted at 11:37 am

This is a new story for SOL and it has 'the Old Fart seal of approval' so you know it has to be outstanding. There is no reference to History or Geography, thus no reason for my few readers to beat me up.
If all goes well it should be submitted for posting Saturday.