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Hunter Johnson: Blog

Humans and AIs in 65000 years time-Also posted the rest of bk1

November 12, 2017
Posted at 11:06 pm

Thank you for so many ideas. I will follow up on the reading.
I suspect I did not phrase the questions I wanted to be answered clearly enough. I was thinking about evolved, Sentient level AI's at levels of sophistication one would expect in sixty thousand or more years ahead. I am not talking about now, I wanted to ask people how they think it will move and what will be the steps. It was not is AI here and can it evolve. My question relates to the book where I say here is here is this sophisticated society much more advanced than we are and they have sentient AI's who are working with people. How did a society reach that positive accommodation and what steps are we likely to go through if we have a good result and what went wrong along the way? I explore in the beginning largely metallic AI marines and have introduced part biological AI's, later. People are given AI's/Computers/memory which are inserted into their brain to add processing power storage etc. People add modifications and AI's add biological bits. Maybe I will wait till the books evolve more and explore the issues subsequently on the blog. I was wondering if people could speculate about the future evolutionary stages. I am thinking about it. I have been reading extensively but I am interested in the social changes society is likely to go through. Will job types continue to evolve so we have something to do? How are the Luddite backlashes dealt with. What happens if unemployment reaches 67% and after. I am trying to not have dystopic societies as that has been done to death eg Blade Runner. I wondered if anyone could project into the future and guess.
Thank you for the information about black holes and current weapon types.
If you can imagine the social changes that will occur as AIs can do more and more and we live indefinitely long lives, what adaptations will we have made along the way? That is what I am asking. I know there isn't one answer but my brain has its limits.
How will we deal with sentience and rights in society? Could a sentient AI vote? For those that read book 2, we meet an even more advanced society.
How will we cope with living two hundred years in good health, a thousand years in good health and even longer lives. How do we handle the boredom. I have tried to grapple with some of this in book 3 which is with the editors.

Our future relationships with AI's- Warlord and Traitor

November 11, 2017
Posted at 1:43 am

I am looking for some inspiration and also some consultation help. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the useful feedback that I received recently and again thank my two editors and proofreaders Jim 7 and BarneyR who are currently beavering away energetically on the third book which I will hope to post to finish by Christmas, which has a reasonable chance of happening.
Major question 1
How will society progress as Artificial intelligence advances and specifically what do you think the evolutionary stages will be and what will they be like. Even now we seem on the threshold of a major change in transportation where the implicit message is we are less reliable drivers than car AI systems will be and then your car if you have one can be used to transport others around when you are not using it.

One of the issues that I am attempting to grapple with, but I can't say that I have found terribly much useful written about, is the question of how people will land up working with and adapting to artificial intelligence in time. Economists appear to be of the belief that career types and occupations will continue to increase and we will have work in the future. Others believe in science fiction books that we will not have work, all the menial work will be done by low-level AIs, and huge chunks will be chopped out of many occupations. Some may no longer exist. Some predict war between us and the robots. Asimov programs the AI's with directives to save us from that fate.

Some cite that the most sophisticated computers can even now make better diagnoses than the best physicians and can develop better treatment plans, particularly as they stick to guidelines in the best evidence. Recently I saw the quality of some articles written by a newspaper AI, which I have to admit shocked me. A lot of legal work is amenable to AI talents, and of course, we have seen industrial AIs. Let us assume that this continues to the degree that they can get to the degree over some time where they become sentient. What do people think the impact on society is going to be before that happens, you think that there will be work for us? What do you see us doing? Specifically, what will be the stages that we are going to go through in the future. Do you think there will be unique things that only we can do.

Let us assume that they become sentient and they become more capable than we are? Do you think they will want equal rights in society and how are we going to negotiate agreements with them? What you think about what will happen with remuneration in the future. Some consider that we may pay everyone a basic living amount. What will happen to society if 40% of the people are unemployed or if 60% are unemployed?

I chose to look at a society that was far ahead of us. A hell of a lot of science fiction tries to grapple with these issues in the close future but there is not a lot that I have seen goes forward even ten thousand years.

I would be very interested if those who are interested in future developments would try and extrapolate their thoughts to look at the different stages that they think that society will go through in our relationship with artificial intelligence. I find that the ideas plague me as I continue to write. At one stage I began to think of what makes us uniquely human, but I remember in battle star Galactica that the machines began to create themselves in a biological form as time went on. It is highly improbable that AIs that work mining asteroids are going to have biological forms, but will there be advantages in the future to so doing? I am sure that there will be a massive commercial incentive for the sex industry to go down that path and I'm sure that that is not the only area that will be pursued. Would a sentient artificial intelligence wish to have a biological form?

Military Consultation
I am looking at someone who can read my stuff and point out glaring errors of strategy, tactics etc and make suggestions about some of the battles to add to the realism, both on the ground and in space. I have not made the weapons as powerful as I think they will be in the future because I wanted to tell a story. Creating a huge temporary black hole in the middle of an enemy fleet makes for a dull story.

Does anyone know if black holes just get bigger or does something else happen or will the big one in the center of the Universe one day get so big it pulls the Universe back to the center and the Big Bang happens again?

A few answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Does anyone have some interesting ideas about some sort of creature they would like to see? Or some kind of race or species with interesting characteristics? I haven't yet run out of ideas but some thoughts would be of interest. I am busy with book 5 currently, I just finished no 4 and still have a plan for six. An interesting appearance but especially a different alien way of thinking would be of some appeal. I have some weird stuff coming but I am always open to ideas or suggestions. I do this stuff for fun so if you have an idea please feel free.


Feedback is always appreciated.

Warlord and Traitor Redux

October 30, 2017
Posted at 12:24 am

Thank you all for the comments. Chapter 13 is in the Queue. My Internet is terrible today so I am unsure if it is in the line. Also the introduction got truncated. Here it is:-
On the verge of old age and entering an old aged home Jason's 80 year old wife suicides after she is diagnosed with dementia and he faces murder charges. He is asked to travel to the Empire which is 65000 years ahead to help his sick great grandfather run his Duchy. He travels on a battleship but faces new enemies and lovers but finally has to decide if he can face his nemesis.

The Warlord and the Traitor Beta new post

October 28, 2017
Posted at 3:49 am

After many comments, I have rewritten and changed the series so it is a different story. I am posting book 1 over a month then book 2 then book 3. My thanks to Jim 7 for his great ideas and editing as well as BarneyR who has edited and proofread and done excellent work with the new books. Thank you to those who commented wrote and advised last time. I have taken some ideas and am keeping others in mind.
Editors are often unappreciated. Mine have made an enormous difference to the quality of my writing and I hope your enjoyment of reading.
The changes made it necessary for a total rewrite and reconceptualization of the series. As I wrote by the seat of my pants I found myself stuck with situations that I could not resolve well. This time I wrote and planned in detail.
As I finish the blog I will post five chapters then five a week till completion.
I hope you enjoy these books.

Warlord Book 2 Coming to an end-Happy Easter last 2 chapters

April 15, 2017
Posted at 12:38 am

Happy Easter to you all. I have put up the last two chapters and hope you have enjoyed the story. I will let you know when the next one will go up when it is edited. For the time being, I am looking at a rewrite of book 1. Please let me have any specific feedback you have and anything you would like in the story or the universe. I am happy to look at any suggestions. How are you finding the writing and editing now?
My thanks to BarneyR for book 1 and 2 and Tyketriker for part of book 2.