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Major re-write of The Electrician's Harem Book 1

May 29, 2017
Posted at 10:36 am
Updated: May 29, 2017 - 7:33 pm

I am about halfway done with a major revision of Book 1 I needed to do to clean up some things and prepare for Book 2.

Unfortunately my 2008 version of Word just started puking all over itself. Of course Microsoft no longer supports this version. I'm working on getting a replacement. All writing is at a halt until I get a new version in place.

I've tried the free substitutes. One doesn't save in .htm format, which is required to upload to SOL, the other is impossibly clunky. Thanks for the suggestions though.

I'll let you know when I'm writing again.

Thanks everyone for you patience.

George Foxx

New Story Submitted for Posting

May 23, 2017
Posted at 10:56 am
Updated: May 23, 2017 - 11:14 am

I submitted a new Uncle George story for posting.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

This is a new story in the Uncle George: Adventures in The Philippines

We meet up with our hapless hero, Uncle George again. The plot and characters are completely different, and not connected to other Uncle George stories.

In this story, horny younger girls see older men, including Uncle George, as the cure to their perpetually aroused condition. Uncle George has to deal with a whole different set of issues and problems. As usual, he digs a deep hole for himself. Will Uncle George overcome the problems he's made for himself? Will the girls find satisfaction? Which comes first, great sex or true love?

There is a lot of dialog setting up the plot, so this story deserves the "Slow" tag. There is a lot of sex sometimes, and other times there is a lot of talking. That's why I listed this one as "Some Sex." Sometimes there is "Much Sex," but I wanted to let you know there is a lot of talking too.

The main theme of the story is that sometimes doing what is legal is not doing what is right or best when real people are involved.

The teenage girls know exactly what they want! It's the adult males who have to deal with angst and uncertainty.

If you aren't interested in philosophical and ethical dilemmas, you might want to skip this one.

Uncle George: Adventures in the Philippines

May 23, 2017
Posted at 10:36 am
Updated: May 23, 2017 - 10:43 am

I think up new characters for Uncle George to meet and interact with from time to time. I guess I'll have to figure how to setup a series or universe so they can all live neatly together.

About the Uncle George Stories

Let me say a little about all Uncle George stories.

All of the characters and sexual activity are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

The Uncle George character is semi-autobiographical to the extent that if something bad happens to Uncle George, there is a high probability it happened to the author. However, any good things, especially under age girls falling in love with, or having sex with him, are entirely fictitious wishful thinking.

The author does not advocate illegal behavior, especially any behavior that tricks, manipulates, exploits, or harms children or teens. Force, intimidation, and rape have nothing to do with sex, and should never be a part of a person's real life behavior toward any other person.

The author does question whether the age of consent is logically established in many areas of the world.

While the author has never met a young person who expressed the feelings and opinions about sexuality some characters voice, the author has met adult females who claimed to have experienced as preteens and young teens, the kind of physiological craving for penetrative intercourse some of the author's characters describe.

One woman, age thirty at the time of the interview, claimed to have experienced intense sexual desire at age nine years, six months, and planned a course of action to obtain penetrative sexual intercourse from a sixteen year old male neighbor and a twenty-nine year old washing machine repairman. The woman reported her plan was successful with both males.

The author does not want to see children exploited, but he does think it is possible for there to be cross age love affairs without a psychologically damaged teen female or a predatory, manipulative, brainwashing, grooming adult male being the types of people involved.

As the author frequently says in his stories, "It's complicated." However the author maintains that teens and females in particular, deserve to be treated like humans and not categorized as property of their parents or adult relatives. It is especially important that teenage females are not classified as people who are incompetent to make life decisions for themselves. This is placing teen females in the same category with mentally disabled and severely mentally ill persons, and is a terrible injustice.

Historically, many civilizations have chosen thirteen as an appropriate age to grant adult status in the tribe. In modern times, many argue that the world is more complex than the world of shepherds or hunter-gatherers, so that age is too low.

The author has observed highly competent thirteen year-old students who were very capable of managing most aspects of their own lives. However, there are societal attitudes toward teens which tend to prevent them from obtaining birth control and managing their own lives. The current crusade against Planned Parenthood in the U.S. has made this problem even worse. The lack of reliable public transportation in most of the United States exacerbates problems for teens attempting to live independently.

The parents of one Hispanic thirteen year-old female student in a rural area of New Mexico allowed her to date a twenty-six year-old male. Because the couple were devout Roman Catholics, they did not use birth control. The female became pregnant, and because of her religious beliefs carried to term and delivered twin girls.

Many would argue that the parents were to blame by allowing their teen daughter to date an adult male. The parents stated that the area where they lived was so remote that more suitable dating partners were not available to their daughter. They further stated that lack of a social life and the ability to date had caused their daughter several months of depression. When their daughter met the man at church, she asked their permission to date him. Hoping that going on dates would help their daughter recover from the debilitating effects of her depression the parents reluctantly gave their permission.

In this case, no amount of laws would have protected the girl. Access to a car, use of a friend's house when parents were at work or away, or finding some secluded location, are all common ways teens evade adult supervision.

When cross age sexual contact happens, the current laws are actually designed to punish because effective protection is impossible. Common "Romeo and Juliette" clauses in current age of consent laws are widely different and unevenly enforced. Prosecutors have the ability to charge individuals even when the teen and their parents agree they were not harmed by the relationship or sexual contact.

In the case of the New Mexico thirteen year-old the male fled to Mexico to avoid statutory rape charges. His intent had been to support the girl and their children. In this case, the punitive nature of the law transferred support of the infants to the teen mother's parents. In many cases the parents of teen mothers are not able to support additional children, and support falls to the taxpayers or the children grow up malnourished, which often causes reduced mental capacity.

Some sociologists have argued that being a teenager, as culturally enforced in the United States as a time of irresponsibility, is a fictitious creation of the industrial age and especially the post World War Two era, designed to keep teens out of the work force to preserve jobs for adult males.

The author is not advocating child labor or exploitation of teens, but he is contending that teens have the mental ability to make rational decisions and take adult level action when provided with adequate information. Therefore, an age of consent of eighteen years may not protect teens in the way legislators believed it would. The campaign against comprehensive sex education in many parts of the United States makes children and teens more vulnerable to emotional manipulation and sexual exploitation. Accurate, medically correct, up to date information is a teen's best defense against those who would manipulate or exploit them.

The author has met numerous teens living on farms and ranches who are much more mature and able to make adult level decisions than suburban youth; which leads him to believe that if teens are treated as incompetent, they will act irresponsibly. Conversely, if teens are give appropriate levels of responsibility and guidance based on their ability and their emotional, intellectual, and physical maturity, they are capable of adult levels of responsibility within areas where they have knowledge, experience, and information.

The Uncle George stories are "what if" fictional situations based on the idea that a few intelligent teens actually know what they want and what they are doing. The likelihood of ever meeting a girl remotely similar to any of the teen female characters is extremely unlikely. The characters were created and the stories written because while the reliability of the adult females claiming to have experienced intense desire as preteens and young teens can not be documented, their stories about their sexual frustration led the author to believe a few precocious girls might exist. The stories are meant to make the reader think about what conditions would need to exist for all parties to thrive in a cross age relationship.

There have been news reports of adult females in relationships with teen boys, so cross age relationships are not exclusively an adult male/ teen female phenomenon. However the author is not familiar with specific cases, and therefore has limited his discussion to adult male/ teen female relationships.

The author would love to see national governments around the world assemble data on how their current laws either protect teens or enable exploitation by treating them as property or incompetent. If there were reliable data available, it would be possible to revise laws to grant children and teens an appropriate level of human and civil rights as well as establish age of consent laws that protect the majority but do not abridge the rights of very intelligent and early developing teens.

George Foxx

May 23, 2017

Please Uncle George - Chapter 4 submitted for posting

April 5, 2017
Posted at 12:38 pm

I've revised the last chapter of the story and submitted it for posting.

Thanks to my editor, Glenn, for the quick turnaround.

Please Uncle George - Chapter 3 submitted for posting

April 4, 2017
Posted at 3:09 am

Chapter 3 represents the biggest changes I've made to the original story. The primary difference is much more character development for a number of Uncle George's daughters. Some of these characters deserved a lot deeper treatment than I gave them in the original. I hope this gives the reader a deeper insight into the reletionships and the love between the characters. I hope too that it shows the relationships are all about mutual love, and there is no exploration intended or unintended going on in this story.

Of course the real world is never perfect, but in this fictional world I can control, they are all stories of mutual love, desire, passion, and fulfillment.

Many thanks to my Editor, Glen, for helping me give you clean copy and for helping me avoid easy, but cheap plot directions.