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Call Me Beth - Version B

June 7, 2018
Posted at 9:33 am

This is a different story line for the characters in the original story.

This version concentrates on Mikes daughters and their children. The girls and their mom decided having babies is more fun than work and flying.

Karma Doesn’t Have to be a Bitch - Major edit

June 2, 2018
Posted at 6:05 pm

Reader epimetheus_357 pointed out a formatting problem that made it impossible to understand what was happening at the end of page 1.

I fixed the problem and reformatted by creating separate chapter files.

I did some editing to improve readability, but nothing that changes the basic plot.

I added an epilogue to carry the story into the third generation.

I appreciate hearing from my readers, and I try to fix problems as quickly as
possible. Thanks for taking the let me know about the problem.

I hope that if you stumbled over the formatting problem and wondered what was going on, you'll go back and read the story again.

George Foxx

Call Me Beth

May 24, 2018
Posted at 7:36 pm
Updated: May 27, 2018 - 5:38 am

This is what Jimmy Buffet would call, "A love story from a different point of view."

The chapter numbering problems are fixed now.

My regular editor does not like stories with D/S and B&D themes, so I tried to do this one myself. I had more than the usual uncorrected typos and confusing sentences. I hope I've fixed things now. I have uploaded the corrected chapters for posting, but I found more typos the last read-through. Sorry.

Thanks for your patience.

I'm going to try writing a "B" version of this story and see what happens if I take the plot in another direction.

I Was a Teenage Weird Wolf

May 23, 2018
Posted at 12:58 am
Updated: May 23, 2018 - 1:52 am

Thanks to reader DomAbrazo who pointed out some spelling errors. I have corrected them and uploaded the chapters for posting.

He also pointed out a technical issue with a solar hot water system as I described it. He was correct, but nobody except my dad and a few other crackpots were doing that kind of suiff back when the story took place. I described my dad's system as well as I could remember it. In the interest of preventing anachronisms I left the description unchanged.

I do really appreciate feedback from readers. I'll use that information when I build my house to make sure the solar hot water system is as efficient as possible.

It's also just cool to know someone actually read my story.

Thanks again to all my readers!

It Isn’t Fair

April 22, 2018
Posted at 7:47 am

This story has lots of codes. I'm not a fan of FemDom but it was briefly needed to get an unruly character under control.

My primary interest is father/daughter love, and the descriptive scenes usually focus on those characters. However, some supporting characters are interested in other things.

The real story is about a girl who wants to take over being her dad's wife, when her mom runs off with another man. Her dad makes her wait until she is fourteen so he won't feel like he's a child molester.

I had to cut out a lot of her musings as she's waiting because they were supposedly too descriptive. I suppose those changes make this story a little slow to develop.

This could also be called the story of a girl who gets kicked in the gut by love, but persists.