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Ended Up Leaving

September 12, 2017
Posted at 10:16 pm

My weather app gives me predicted wind speeds. On Friday it said Irma would hit us with 45 mph winds, Sat predicted 55, Sunday morning 85. If that was going to be the average it was time to leave. Window start to break at 100 - 120. At 85 it was possible for that to happen.

I ended up packing up and going to Tallahassee for Sunday night.

When I got home we didn't have electricity, but the water was on. I lost two trees and looks like the roof needs some shingles.

Today was weird. You would think I lived in a ghost town. Nothing was open, hardly any cars on the road and it was chilly out (only 78 - normally about 90).

A rumor got out that a local gas station had gas. It was suddenly swamped. The county had to send out three units just to direct traffic. Of the 150 or so gas stations within 30 miles of me only 2 had gas today.

I guess tomorrow will be about cutting up trees. I looked down street after street and their a piles of limbs and broken trees pilled up waiting to be taken away.

Bottom line. Me and my family are safe. We now have power, water and internet.

Thank you for the many emails people sent. I hope it's okay if I don't respond to all of them. Good news is the next chapter was delivered to me for posting.

G Younger

PS Junior Year Part III is on track for a pre-release around the end of the year. It will start posting on SOL in the Spring.

Sorry for the late posting ...

September 9, 2017
Posted at 11:43 am

... I'm in Florida and we are out of gas and I found one open. Only had to sit in line for over an hour. The question is do we stay or leave...

Before people get upset ... next weeks posting may be delayed if they don't get the power back on.

G Younger
Hunkered down in Citrus Springs FL.

Stupid Boy / Junior Year Part II

August 26, 2017
Posted at 10:27 am

Begins posting today. I hope you enjoy it. So far the feedback has been great.

I want to thank everyone who got the pre-release and provided feedback and error corrections. With your help and my editors I think we have a clean version to present to the people on SOL. Thanks for all your help.

G Younger

Stupid Boy / Junior Year Part II

August 20, 2017
Posted at 9:45 am

My editor is telling me that I should just post the Interlude next week and then Chapter 1 the following. Should we post both?

Majority rules.

I know how most of you prefer to leisurely read it each week. I simply want to do what you all want.

G Younger

Junior Year - Part II

August 5, 2017
Posted at 5:15 pm

Yes, it is still on schedule for 8/26.

Yes, Part III is being written.

Yes, I will get David through high school.

At that point I will step back and have to answer 2 questions:
1) Do people want to read more?
2) Is the muse willing?

G Younger