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Keeping My Job

May 10, 2012
Posted at 12:17 am

Well, I wrote a story that I would absolutely HATE to read. Cuckold stories are not my thing when it comes to reading them.

This one, kinda wrote itself.

I meant to write a torch the bitch revenge story. I even had a couple of drafts but it just would not write.

So, I wrote what I wrote.

JPB and Matt M. MUST be spinning in their "office chairs".

I think I can promise I'll never write another like this but runaway stories can't be forced.

Any way. I expect to get blasted and this story should have a terrible score. Heck, I even voted against it.


October 31, 2011
Posted at 3:32 pm

I've been getting some good feedback from a few readers. I hope ya'll will continue to tell me what you think.

As long as the feedback is not a personal attack against my parentage or my sterling character, I'll try to respond.

I'm a very new writer. As such, I have much to learn and I learn best by trying and failing and getting up and trying again.

First, I'm working on the dialog of the story. I KNOW I have much to learn. It's been over forty years since college and I've only done proposals and technical writing since.

So, be patient and I'll keep posting the scribblings of a "known lunatic" to quote another and much better writer.

My stories will be based on the types of stories I like the best. If I get better (highly doubtful) I may try to write on other topics, but I need all the help I can get to get enough courage and to get off my lazy butt. So, writing on topics I LIKE helps a bit.




October 25, 2011
Posted at 6:09 pm

I just uploaded my second story. It's based on a true event although there were some significant differences from the story.

Ella is real. I did provide the sperm for her first born and we did carry on an occasional affair. As far as I know, I'm the sperm donor for three of her kids. The reason I say it that was is because I suspect she had several lovers who were delighted to provide sperm for her beautiful cunt.

This is my blog for what it's worth.

October 12, 2011
Posted at 6:01 pm
Updated: May 10, 2012 - 12:52 am

I've never considered my self a writer. After reading my one story (so far), you may agree that I'm not much of a writer, if that is so at least we agree.

I will probably write and post more stories as I'm currently unemployed thanks to our Dem/Rep leadership. I have a job interview tomorrow. If I get the job I'll have substantially less time to fiddle fart with my imagination and writing.